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YearTeam NamePlaying DayCompetitionGrade                 
Junior (9-10)Marsden BlueThursdayCollege Sport WellingtonJnr Girls Div 3
Junior (9-10)Marsden GreenThursdayCollege Sport WellingtonJnr Girls Div 3
Senior (11-13)Marsden PurpleFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls Div 1
Senior (11-13)Marsden BlueFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls Div 2
Senior (11-13)Marsden GreenFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls Div 2
Senior (11-13)Marsden OrangeFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls Div 3
Senior (11-13)Marsden RedFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls Div 3


YearTeam NamePlaying DayCompetitionGrade                 
Primary (5-6)MarsdenTuesdayKarori RecMiniball
Intermediate (7)Marsden Blue  Wednesday  Wellington BasketballY7/8 - Pool G
Intermediate (8)Marsden GreenWednesdayWellington BasketballY7/8 - Pool H
Junior (9-10)Marsden JnrATuesdayCollege Sport WellingtonJnr Girls - Pool E  
Senior (11-13)Marsden SnrFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls - Pool D
Senior (11-13)Marsden SocialFridayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls - Pool H


YearTeam NamePlaying DayCompetitionGrade                 
Senior (9-13)Marsden Blue Wednesday College Sport WellingtonL.O.L - Div 2
Senior (9-13)Marsden GreenWednesdayCollege Sport WellingtonL.O.L - Div 2


YearTeam NamePlaying DayCompetitionGrade
Junior (7-10)Marsden JnrATuesdayCollege Sport WellingtonRegional 1 -Storm Cup
Senior (9-13)Marsden 1st XIWednesdayCollege Sport WellingtonPrem 1/2 - Pool D


YearTeam NamePlaying DayCompetitionGrade                
Primary (5-6)MarsdenSaturdayWellington HockeyKiwi Sticks 5/6
Senior (9-13)Marsden 1st XIFridayWellington HockeyP1 Girls
Senior (9-13)Marsden 2nd XIThursdayWellington HockeyP3 Girls
Senior (9-13)Marsden 3rd XIWednesdayWellington Hockey7-a-side Girls


YearTeam NamePlaying DayCompetitionGrade               
Senior (9-13)MarsdenSunday


YearTeam NamePlaying Day    CompetitionGrade
Primary (3)Y3SaturdayWellington West NetballY3 futureFERNS
Primary (4)Y4 KingfisherSaturdayWellington West NetballY4 futureFERNS
Primary (4)Y4 KākāSaturdayWellington West NetballY4 futureFERNS
Primary (5)Y5SaturdayWellington West NetballC Grade
Primary (6)Y6 KeaSaturdayWellington West NetballB Grade
Primary (6)Y6 KereruSaturdayWellington West NetballB Grade
Primary (6)Y6 KokakoSaturdayWellington West NetballB Grade
Intermediate (7-8)K1SaturdayWellington West NetballSenior - Div 1
Intermediate (7-8)K2SaturdayWellington West NetballSenior - Div 2
Intermediate (7-8)KākāpoSaturdayWellington West NetballSenior - Div 3
Intermediate (7-8)KiwiSaturdayWellington West NetballSenior - Div 3
Junior (9-10)JnrA (3)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreColl 1 - Pool 4
Junior (9-10)JnrB (5)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreColl 2 - Pool 3
Junior (9-10)JnrC (8)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreJcoll - TBC
Junior (9-10)JnrD (9)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreJcoll - TBC
Senior (11-13)SnrA (1)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentrePrem 2
Senior (11-13)SnrAMondayCollege Sport WellingtonDiv 1
Senior (10-13)SnrB (2)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreColl 1 - Pool 1
Senior (11-13)SnrC (4)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreColl 2 - Pool 2
Senior (12)Y12 Social (7)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreColl 4 - Pool 3
Senior (13)Y13 Social (6)SaturdayNetball Wellington CentreColl 4 - Pool 1


YearTeamPlaying DayCompetitionGrade              
Junior (7-9)Marsden GreenFridayCollege Sport WellingtonJnr Girls
Junior (7-9)Marsden Blue FridayCollege Sport WellingtonJnr Girls
Senior (11-13)Marsden SnrTuesdayCollege Sport WellingtonSnr Girls