At Marsden, we believe that sport teaches students about sportsmanship, teamwork, and courage.  We want girls to be gracious winners and good losers. It plays an important part in the life of most Marsden students, with an 80 percent participation rate. We encourage all students to have a balance between sport, schoolwork, and their social life. We currently have over 80 Marsden teams competing in 29 different sports around the region.

Everybody Active, Marsden's Sport and Recreation Plan was finalised in early 2023 and will be the focus of Marsden sport for 2023 to 2026. The key focus areas of the plan are the following:

  • Opportunities and Accessibility - build movement into the lives of all Marsden students, grow participation, have fun, develop skills, achieve personal and collective success and lay the foundations for life-long love of being active.
  • People and Leadership - provide an effective, inclusive leadership environment for sport and active recreation, recognising, developing, and celebrating all who contribute.
  • Partnership and Communication - establish strong partnerships with all stakeholders and a consistent, open, communication system with the school community.
  • Resourcing - leverage and employ resources to maximise opportunity and deliver equitable sport and active recreation experiences for all students.

Marsden students take part in activities which range from social badminton and floorball to our competitive football, hockey, netball, and rowing teams - there's something for everyone!

Experts and elite athletes come in to help our sportswomen and their coaches improve essential skills while we support our top athletes as much as we can in their ambitious goals.  

We are lucky to have the energetic support of parents in all our sports. We are so grateful to all of those parents who volunteer to coach teams, manage teams, transport teams and students to and from their games, and parents who travel away with students on tournaments.