Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Sports Awards

3 November 2022, Marsden School Auditorium 


Sporting achievements between the period of 17 September 2021 and 17 September 2022 can be considered towards the 2022 awards. Additional achievements after the close off date and prior to the Colours awards evening can be added if a nomination has already been received.  

​​​​​​​Nominations close 17th September 2022 11.59pm


Staff and students are invited to nominate any coach associated with sport/s in their school whom they believe through personal commitment, coaching ability, rapport with students and possibly (but not necessarily) results during the period September 17th  2021 and 17th September 2022 , is worthy of such recognition. This may be the coach of an individual or team at any level and preferably, but not necessarily, hold official coaching credentials in a particular code or a generic coaching certificate.

Nominations close 21st September 2022 11.59pm


Staff and students are invited to nominate a person or persons who, over a period of time as a volunteer, have made a significant contribution to sport at their school. This contribution may have been in any role – coach, manager, administrator, mentor, etc. It may be a teacher, parent or person from the community. The thrust of the nomination should be the time and commitment contributed by the person, along with outcomes achieved. Nominations can be over a long or short period of time.

Nomination close 21st September 2022 11.59pm

2022 AWARDS AND CUPS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Carr-Smith Cup: Rowing

Fran Hesp Coxswin’s Trophy: Rowing

Marsden Rower of the Year : Rowing

Emma Humphries Cup: Football     

Jackson Cup for Contributions to Hockey: Hockey

Proctor Cup: Hockey

Netball Club Cup: Netball

Senior A MVP: Netball

Miller Cup: Water Polo

Russell Simmonds Cup: Skiing

Catherine Graham Cup: Handball

Tamara Warmerdam Cup: Volleyball

Parent's Association Cup for Contribution to Junior Sport: All students eligible

Coach of the Year:  All code coaches eligible

Volunteer of the Year: All code coaches eligible

Team of the Year: All codes eligible

Official of the Year: All codes eligible

All-Rounder of the Year: All students eligible

Weston Cup: Sports Woman of the Year


Have you achieved a high standard in sport this year? Are you eligible for a Sports Award?

  • The criteria of each of the awards are given below so have a look and see if you are eligible for a Marsden sports award.
  • We encourage self-nominations as you are the person who knows your achievements best. 
  • If you are not sure which award you should apply for please discuss your achievements with Mr Eliott Brookes or Mrs Kathrynn Petrie.
  • After nominations have been received, a committee meets to determine the final recipients.
  • Final decisions on the awards of Sports Colours will be made by the Colours Committee consisting of representatives from the Senior Management Team, Sports Department, and Head of PE and Health as appropriate.  Student Heads of Sport may be invited to attend for part of the meeting.
  • Achievements gained by a student can only be used for either Sports Colours or Service Colours for Service to Sport – not both. However, students may be awarded both Sports Colours and Service Colours if they meet the criteria for both.
  • To receive awards, students must be a current student at the school at the time of the presentation of the awards.


  • Any year 13 student who has been part of a school top team for 3 years+ continuously including her year 13 year. This award recognises long term commitment to a sport.
    • Eg - 1st XI Football member in year’s 11,12 and 13.


  • Service Colours are awarded to students who have made an outstanding contribution to the sports.
  • It is, expected that the student will have been involved in the sport throughout their time at the school. Service may be accumulated over one or more years but the contribution cannot be counted again if it has already been used as evidence towards Service Colours in the previous year.  
  • There are many opportunities for service, including but not limited to: coaching or directing a student group, making a significant contribution to a sport or group as a Student Head of that group, umpiring or officiating beyond the requirements of the league or group, assisting or organising trials or other related activities, arranging specific events which help to lift the profile of the sport or activity within the school.



  • Sports Colours will be awarded to individuals who have shown a high level of achievement in a particular sport. This is the highest honour available in sporting activities at Marsden School.
  • Awards are for individuals, but team or group success be recognised towards sports colours.
  • Students must have represented Marsden School as a member of the top team or group in their sport or activity during the current year if the sport or activity is offered by the School.
  • There must be evidence of commitment, discipline, and hard work. The student must be a good role model to other students within their sport or activity and the wider Marsden community and, in sport, must display characteristics of sportsmanship and fair play.
  • This award acknowledges students who have been selected for the top provincial, regional or national representative team as defined by the governing regional secondary school sports body. Qualifying for team selection will normally be:
    • Under 15, Under 17, Under 18 or open age group.
  • Non-travelling reserves, tournament teams, or ‘B’ squads are also eligible for this award. National development squads may be considered in special circumstances – such as where the national sports body does not select a team in this age group but runs a development programme or where the national team does not compete.


Honours Bars are awarded to any student in years 7 – 13 who wins a national title or is selected to represent New Zealand in an open, age group, or development team/group which competes in an event or represents New Zealand.  Selection in an NZ Squad that does not actually play a fixture or perform may not earn an honours bar.


The closing date for all awards is 17 September 2022.